Bras for smaller busts - Part 1

Hello, I'm Denocte and my bust measurements are 79cm.


Some while ago a friend of mine told me (when I was wallowing about my breastvolume loss) I shouldn't think of them as small, rather as „self supportive“!
I thought that was very sweet. Always look at the bright side!
So, now I've got self supportive boobs. Gotcha.

I'm to be found in the sizing range around 30C, 28D, 70B... Depends on the brand, we all know how sizes differ ;)

So this makes me one of the very few bra bloggers talking about fitted bras that's NOT a D+ Girl herself, and I want to share my experiences when it comes to bra shopping for a smaller bust with you!

(You can find a list of bra bloggers with their sizes at Boosaurus' blog!)

Talk talk talk

It's kind of an urban myth that women with small boobs don't have any problems when it comes to bra shopping. We are referred to the children's departement or told „not to complain, there isn't anything that could possibly hang/hurt....“, and you've probably already seen some of my rants about this.

When I did the Fairy Bra Mother Letter for Hourglassy I already went into the topic of how important a fitting bra can be for smaller busted girls.

In this series, for a change, I don't want to rant but rather be helping! So this should be a short guide, the basics for brafitting 101 for smaller busts you might say.

Love yourself

It's ultimately important, no matter what size you are, to learn to love and like your body.

One step towards a better and realistic body image can be wearing a fitted bra – if you want to wear a bra.
If you don't want to wear a bra, then don't!

Although I'm a lingerie blogger I'm one of those girls who often don't wear a bra in summer, except if I wear blouses or some dresses that I just want a bit of a „plus“ with and of course when I'm working out. Yes, I think sports bras are important for smaller sizes too!

But I just want to say: if you want to, free your boobies!

What to look for in a bra?

In the very most cases women with smaller breasts encounter the same problems when buying bras as D+ women: Buying bands that are too loose and cups that are too small.

Just think of all the saleswomen who just frown at a smaller busted woman and give her a 34A bra with „superdupermega-pushup“ to try on.
Because: small bust equals 34A. We know that that's not true, but it's handled that way in many lingerie stores.

Some ground rules:

  • A bra should never hurt. Even if the salesperson tells you "but it fits so WELL!". If it hurts, it doesn't fit.
  • The underwires enclose the breast tissue and don't poke into your boobs.
  • The band doesn't rise up in the back. In order to really give support, it should fit snug but comfortable (!).
  • The straps do not hold the whole weight of your breasts, the band is the main support.
  • The center gore is laying flat on your sternum between your boobs.
  • A new bra should always fit on the loosest hook, if the band stretches with time you have room to hook it tighter and it will fit longer.


Thanks for reading the first part of this series, in the next part we will adress what styles to look for and the third part will hold shopping tipps!

xoxo denocte

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