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Bra Pirates

Ahoy me hearties! *arrr*

My sworn sisterhood of Bra Pirates sails the seven seas - yes, it even reaches landlocked countries (Austria! *wave*) on it's way to find fitting bras. And they should look nice too. But where would we find them? The range and supply is awful, mutiny ahead!

We know, somewhere, somewhere there has to be the El'Brarado: The land of milk and honey full of bras, both beautiful and available in all the sizes you can imagine.
And we won't stop until we find it! Or at least did our part to improve the bra range in the rest of the world.

Aye, raise the sails, hoist the flag!

Captain De Nocte

Bra Pirates Logo

Under the tag "A Trip to" you will find from now on the first reports my pirates all over the world wrote, concerning the bra situation in the cities they've visited.
I will file all the articles here too :)

Hope you will enjoy the series!

xoxo denocte


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