Bra of the day - Fräulein Annie Falling in Love

I've totally fallen for today's bra of the day!
There's already a Review of this bra on the Blog, but for Bra of the Day I'll just whip up the facts WHY I Love the Falling in Love bra!

I mean, just look at it:

Falling in Love - Blush
Falling in Love - Blush by Fräulein Annie

I've got the Falling in Love in "blush" as pictured above in 32C. I'd preferred the 30 bands but it wasn't available and gladly the 32 band works too!

The wires are nice and wide and the slightly elastic lace doesn't cut into my breast tissue. The lower part of the cup is lightly padded but the bra doesn't press through a shirt :)

Since this bra fits me just fine, I wouldn't suggest it for womyn who need deeper cups, the lace might cut in the breast tissue then.

The fabrics are awesome and soft (lace <3) and the panty is a dream too - compared to other knickers it goes up rather high to your waist but I still love it!

Available in UK sizes 32-38 A-G

There are different colours, for Spring Summer 2013 this beautiful combi just launched: Cinnamon/Almond!

Falling in Love - Cinnamon
Falling in Love - Cinnamon by Fräulein Annie

xoxo denocte