Bra of the day - Cleo Marcie

Though I'm not posting as much these days I planned a new tiny series to spruce it up a bit!

So, I'll show the bra I'm wearing in the new series "bra of the day" - kind of an ultra short mini review.

So, let's start with:

Marcie Red
Marcie Red by Cleo

Cleo Marcie in 30D, red

The braband is pretty snug and the cup shallow - good for me - that's why it still fits!

It's one of my favourites right now, because although the cup is very shallow it's got nice wide wires and hence fits nicely. It provides a nice form, rounded and perfect and the matching short is just incredibly cute!

I suggest trying this bra if you need wide wires and shallow cups and love bright colours! It's very nice for us in the smallbusted sizes because the band runs really tight.

As a comparison: I normally wear 28D in Cleo :)

The bra is available in sizes 28-38 D-J and comes in nice bright colours, for example aquamarine and soon purple!

Marcie Blue
Marcie Blue by Cleo

xoxo Denocte