Being sick sucks

Well, it's not autumn unless I am sick for at least one week and contemplating never moving out of bed. again. ever.

Which also explains my absence of all things social media and blog. But, one thing that really stood out to me during my self pity and wallowing in bed: Dress for the occasion is also a good strategy of self care when being sick.

So, today, I do a little different entry here, which is my top items to make myself feel better when I'm sick.


I want to feel comfy and need knickers that stay.put. even when I'm spending a whole day in bed and not leave the flat I need comfy knickers. My best choice are Who Made Your Pants Lace Knickers, "Aimee". They are comfy, colourful, stay where I need them to stay, and are not a hassle to take care of to clean. And the last thing I want to think about when I'm sick is washing underwear.

Blending into the background
Blending into the background by Who Made Your Pants?


I love Intimissimi cotton PJs. They always have awesome long pjs perfect to use as loungewear. During christmas season they also always have cute prints, but these should be awesome too! Available at intimissimi for 49,90€ in sizes S-M-L

Cute PJs rock!
Cute PJs rock!
Pyjama AW14
Pyjama AW14 by Intimissimi
Pyjama AW14
Pyjama AW14 by Intimissimi

I also love Flanell pants for daytime when I'm feeling a bit better, and I recently bought a lovely pair at Hunkemöller. I can't find the exact pair but these Daphne pants for 22,99€ look comfy too - and I really need a new bed jacket! Jacket Marilou, for 39,99€. This one looks FLUFFY! 

Fluffy Flanell
Fluffy Flanell by Hunkemoeller


I also highly recommend cats.


And if pets are not an option, this plush toy is BEST because it doubles as pillow.
Gosig Golden, 70cm big, for 16,99€ at IKEA.

Gosig Golden
Gosig Golden

Also important: Nice warm fluffy socks. I love cotton/wool blend knitted socks, if you don't know how to knit you could for sure find some nice ones on etsy or maybe you have a friend/relative that can make you some for birthday, christmas - I highly recommend that ;)

Knit all the socks!
Knit all the socks!

Add cookies, tea and fresh fruits and your favourite tv-series and hope everything will be better soon. At least, that's what I do. What I did.
And I hope I'll be back to posting nice underwear soon ;)

xoxo denocte



Hope you feel better soon, sweetie!

And that plush dog omg I need it because it's sooooooo cute!

thanks thanks thanks! I have to say cats and plush toys really help. And yesthe dog is perfect. Is there ikea in Brazil?

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