Beauty according to Bruno, Hubert & Co

This new series, written by regular guest blogger Ännchen, will have a look at popular lyrics from another perspective.

We often discuss horrible lyrics, so I'm really glad that she chose two of my "favourite" songs for this first blog. Especially when I hear the second song on the radio I have to turn it down.

Beauty according to Bruno, Hubert and Co.

Part One.

Is it just me or are women in society and media a dominating topic these days?

However, I want to add my two cents too ;)

When a friend put on the song Just the way you are by Bruno Mars I got inspired to write a piece about beauty in Songs and dug up my cds. It's really interesting!

Since I found more than just a few songs I want to share with you this will be a small series :)

Let's start with Bruno Mars - Just the way you are.

(Video zu Bruno Mars: Warner Music)

Bruno seems to have his generous day and praises us full of joy:
When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change.

I have to add that I'm not really a fan of his music and his person. So it's kind of hard for me, to find something positive in his songs and not condemn everything from the start. So maybe I'm really overreacting. (Thank god the little word “but” exists, so I can start the next sentence with it and critize all way through – whilst seeming very diplomatic ;) )
BUT his song Just the way you are really upsets me.

At first I thought it's cute, that he's singing When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, ’cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.
It's nice. Or is it?
The more I'm thinking about it and the more I'm diving into the lyrics I am getting more and more mad! How does he even think he's allowed to say that he wants to change something?
Because he seems to think that he is empowered to change the looks of his partner.

How I see it: There’s not a thing that I would change.
The girl in the video is lucky enough to match Brunos expectations and criteria, so he renounces his right to change her. Why does he has this idea? And when Bruno sees another face, does he rely on his special skill to transform female faces? Does he write a list with cons, which should be optimised?

So, thanks to Brunos noble mindedness, we can stay the way we ware, but Milow can't even make up his mind which tranformation he would like more.

And that's our second video: Milow – You and me (In my pocket).

(Video zu Milow: VEVO)

I wish you were a little bigger, not just big but really fat, doors you would no longer fit through, in my bed you would have to stay.


Ok, sounds up to now like a really stupid but more or less harmless pick up line like e.g.„your eyes would match the colour of my linens“

But how about his next wish? I often wish that you had feathers.
A bit utopic. Could be hard, to grow wings in a second, but of course for our man we won't leave a stone unturned! Darling, I don't want to change the topic, but what exactly is your benefit from me having feathers?
I'd keep you in a giant cage, all day long I'd sit and watch you.
Oh right, so you just want to put me in a cage and stare at me all day! I don't know if I would like that too. But the solution to this problem is near: I’d sing for you and that would be okay.
Well, problem solved, under those world changing circumstances I'm glad to climb in a cage.

Those who know me are aware, that I'm one of the least decisive persons and incapable of making a decision ever ;)
Should we go out, what do we eat, where do we meet, what movie should we watch? Those decisions are always hard on me. But: this cheers me up. It seems that Milow has even more problems when deciding what he wants:
Somehow it would be nice if we weren't birds but very small. So he could put us in his shirt pocket, for a change, again, nobody asks what we want, we couldn't run away and were with you!

To be honest, this is really scaring.
I knew the song from the radio, but never really listened to the lyrics. And now I'm thinking what's worse:
Having the arrogance to publish a song that's based solely on treating a woman like a simple possession and is changed in one way or the other so she has to stay with him, or the fact that it seems that a lot of people think of this as a romantic song and the lyrics as „sweet“!

When I looked around on the internet and youtube I did find a lot of comments though who condemn the lyrics as „psycho, freaky, creepy“ and don't understand, why exactly this song, which is all about binding the girl thanks to the strangest transformations should be a lovesong...

I wish you were a little slower, not just slow but paralyzed, then I could plug you into a socket, so you could never run away.

One thing I have to add: At least the design of the video is original.

Conclusion: No matter how we do it, it's not right.

For a change we switch to a female Singer now for the end of this posting.
Neither does someone tell us to not change at all, nor to do change. Nothing is told us to to, but nevertheless Christina Aguilera has got something to say.
We can just lean back in our seats for four minutes and listen, that we are beautiful – without terms and conditions.

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

This blog was about English singers only, but next time I'll go international: One of my favourite chansonniers and an Austrian Austro-punk Legend will compete in French and Upper Austrian Dialect.