Back from Wien 2014

Oh wow people, I had the most amazing two days!

I just came home from Wien and my head is still buzzing with all the new ideas!

In the past two days I was so lucky to get to know so many awesome people, get new insights in queer feminist aspects of so many different things - and I could just be myself.


What makes me very happy is that the session about bras I held with Eva Amaryllis (@emaryllis on twitter) yesterday was so well received.

A quite large group of about more than 20 people joined and we talked about finding a wellwitting bra - and it was awesome to see that we could help!chen helfen konnten!

For example we talked about how you can compare your perfect bra wire width with the wire width of a bra you're wearing using a soft eyeliner - left me looking like this, but, FOR SCIENCE AND FEMINISM!


What we couldn't really talk about since time was a big issue was the bra in a feminist and queer context. We mostly talked about "how does a fitting bra look like" and "where can I find something that will fit" - but I'm motivated as never before to talk about these issues on the blog in the future!

There's already one post that fits this category and I would like to share it with you again: My "OMG Nipple!" post I wrote last summer - about use and most of all absurdity of censoring female* nipples.


Most likely a more detailed post about the 2014 will follow, but for now I'm just so tired and need some peace and quiet - and cats.

Thank you thank you thank you - Danke danke danke - to all the people who organised this bar camp and everyone that was there - it was wonderful. Bällebad Bällebad

xoxo denocte