Ayten Gasson - Luxurious Silk

Lady M Set
Lady M Set by Ayten Gasson

A couple of weeks ago I did a small post on Kiss Me Deadly and now I'll introduce another great UK Lingerie Label: Ayten Gasson.
A dream come true in Silk, organic silk and peace silk, mixed up with vintage fabrics and buttons and brooches...

Yes I'm in Heaven! This combines my love for lingerie and sewing.

Annabel Soft Bra
Annabel Soft Bra by Ayten Gasson

Check out the behind the scenes video:

About Ayten Gasson

Yes, if you're looking for bras in a big sizing range, I have to dash your hopes. But this lingerie is so incredibly beautiful just to look at! And there are other things to dress up then bras too, you know ;)

Founded in 2005 by Ayten Mustafa Ayten Gasson is known for producing all collections in the UK and supporting the remaining fashion industry in the UK. From the beginning the quality of the used fabrics was a very important topic for Ayten Gasson and they put their standards very high. They use a lot of vintage lace trims of the old Nottingham trade mills but new lace, made in the UK, too.
Besides their beautiful silk collections there are also collections in organic and vegan silk.

Everything just seems so thought through! Every bow, every button, every stitch just fits. I read that some of the buttons actually were Ayten's grandmother's (!!!)

Sarah Silk Teddy
Sarah Silk Teddy by Ayten Gasson
Sarah Knicker
Sarah Knicker by Ayten Gasson

If you haven't noticed, yellow apparently is very big this season.

Lara in Apple Green and Lemon
Lara in Apple Green and Lemon by Ayten Gasson
Liberty Set
Liberty Set by Ayten Gasson
Elizabeth Olive Set
Elizabeth Olive Set by Ayten Gasson

Make sure to check out the Sale and the beautiful bridal lingerie

Peace Silk Teddy
Peace Silk Teddy by Ayten Gasson
Organic Silk Teddy
Organic Silk Teddy by Ayten Gasson
Cream Vintage Garter Lace
Cream Vintage Garter Lace by Ayten Gasson
Eco Bride Gift Set
Eco Bride Gift Set by Ayten Gasson

Well, for just a touch of kinky glamour the bride can add those Peace Silk Nipple Pasties to her wardrobe.
Nipple Pasties don't really have reached Europe yet, so the first thing that comes to my mind when looking at this is: "mini cupcakes o0"

Vintage Lace Vegan Silk Nipple Pasties
Vintage Lace Vegan Silk Nipple Pasties by Ayten Gasson

This one really hit me, I nearly bought it. It's my dream for my ideal hairdo for my wedding day. Fortunately I realised that it will still take a couple of years till I get married...

Silver Diamante Vintage Comb
Silver Diamante Vintage Comb by Ayten Gasson

I'm all in marry-me mood now. Can't wait till my boyfriend is home from work ;)

xoxo Denocte