Awesome #summeroflove giveaway

Ok, so this is KINDA short notice I know. BUT. I didn't really notice this giveaway until today, so I'm really telling you as soon as I found out!

You know that I've recently been at the Kiss Me Deadly and Paolita Beach Boutique in London, right? Well, they teamed up with some other independent UK brands and are hosting an AWESOME giveaway.

"We are giving away 3 giftbaskets related to the shoot containing a voucher from Kiss Me Deadly, Paolita, Miss Mandalay and Playful Promises, plus Lunetier Vintage, and goodies from Sheba Ray and beauty products from Mon Epris."

They even did a new Photoshoot for the Giveaway! So, behold some of the most gorgeous swimwear on this sweet earth:

Paolita Beach

Lingerie Love Bomb
Lingerie Love Bomb by Paolita

Playful Promises

Lingerie Love Bomb
Lingerie Love Bomb by Playful Promises

Miss Mandalay

(I adore the way the tail rests on her leg)

Lingerie Love Bomb
Lingerie Love Bomb by Miss Mandalay

Kiss Me Deadly

Lingerie Love Bomb
Lingerie Love Bomb by Kiss Me Deadly

Why are the pictures so cool, you ask? After the shoot (Anna Swiczeniuk Photography with model Yazzmin, using Sheeba Ray eyelashes) they got some special illustration treatment by John Tyrell.

So, how do you enter the Giveaway? Not that hard, and you've still got one whole day!

"Make sure you share the pictures on facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, instagram or on your own blags, hashtag summerloveswim and let us know before the 29th August to be in with a chance to win!"

xoxo denocte