O'zapft is - Dirndl BHs nicht nur fürs Oktoberfest

It's Autumn girls - and that means what? It's Oktoberfest in Munich!

(psst, don't tell - I've never been there yet ;) )

My Sis and me, both Dirndl Dresses are made by me

Me being a real traditional Austrian Clothing fan, I don't really like those supershort Dirndl dresses - but well, everyone needs a nice fitting bra, a Dirndl Bra, for a Dirndl Dress!

OnlyHer - Overview

Since I'm a huge, huge fan of the gorgeous OnlyHer bras I want to provide a summary of all the OnlyHer bras available.

I will try to update this article when new models arrive!

There are three OnlyHer styles::

  • Halfcup
  • Plunge
  • padded Halfcup


The soft Halfcup style with light padding was the first bra by OnlyHer, the first two bras were Latte (beige) and Espresso (black).

H&M: Tipps für kleine Brüste

Hei Darlings!

I had some spare time the last few days and strolled through town.

I really think, that there is something happening concerning bra ranges! I managed to find cute bras with decent cuts and cute designs for smaller breasts at Intimissimi's as well es at H&M!

So today there are a few tips which current H&M styles/models I can recommend for girls/women with smaller breasts.


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