[Review] (Do you know) Who made your pants?

This got Becky thinking... 'I love lingerie' she thought.. but where does it come from? Who made my pants?

At that moment, the name was born and the idea started taking up her every waking moment.

Imagine you can wear the most gorgeous knickers, in awesome colours and they were ethically made. In Great Britain, by women who needed help and a well paid job. Women who are refugees mostly, had a tough life.

Neugestaltung Busenfreundinnen: Neues Brawiki

Das größte deutschsprachige Forum zum Thema brafitting, die Community busenfreundinnen.net hat zum 5-jährigen Jubiläum eine Neugestaltung bekommen.
Hier könnt ihr euch nicht nur zu eurer BH-Größe beraten lassen (nur nach Anmeldung) und die neuesten Modelle diskutieren, sondern euch auch in freundlicher Atmosphäre über BHs austauschen, neue Theorien beratschlagen und Modellvorschläge erfragen.

Re-Review: SugarShape Dolce Vita mit Fotos

When some of the US and UK based Brabloggers were wondering a while ago how the SugarShape bras looked when worn, I realised I never put pictures online, although I've got the Review online!

Well, of course I can't let this happen, since the bra is really awesome.

So here's to very very belated pictures I took last spring. Unfortunately I can't take new ones since the bra doesn't fit atm because I lost some bust circumference... (not happy. NOOOOT happy.)

Lingerie in Sicht!

Happy new year, my dearest readers!

I hope you spent a wonderful christmas time without any major chaos or tragedy and can now start the new year happy!
I mentioned in my last post that atm I'm very active on Tumblr and Twitter and busy informing myself about new stuff in the bra world and the real world. But of course this blog is still up and running!
So, what's on the dash?

Ich bin ein U-Boot. Boobs-bot?

Hei sweethearts, I'm really sorry that there's not much going on here on the blog!

My college is keeping me busy (which I like!) plus Winter is Coming (who else is Game of Thrones addicted??) and my motivation to Blog is sometimes a bit... non existent.


You can all come visit me on many social network sites, where I'm posting stuff I like, what's not "big enough" for a full article on my main blog and stuff that's cute, important or just fun.

For example you can currently see the first bra I ever made, I found it in my drawer this morning ;)


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