HULK SMASH - Hulk inspired Lingerie

I only recently found the awesome lingerie blog and I'm already a BIG FAN.
She put up some awesome lingerie compilations, about lingerie Black Widow Style, Lingerie that could be worn in the Capitol of Panem, Lingerie of Mystique of X-Men.

When someone on twitter asked: "And where is Hulk inspired lingerie?" I could only answer: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And asked Scarlet whether she was ok with me giving it a try!

She said yes, so, here's my go.



I'm on holiday so the proper blogpost will follow but this is my picture for braless in brasil's ( awesome diversity in lingerie campaign! check out her masterpost and follow our campaign under the hashtag #diversityinlingerie.

edit: Everyone else already wrote AMAZING blog posts, I really don't know what else I could add. So please just check out the links below for further input!

#diversityinlingerie: This is me, scars and all unphotoshopped.


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