Negative Underwear


Negative is new way to under wear. 

Uncomplicated. Considered. Minimal.

We believe that less is more.
That what's not there is just as important as what is.
So we focus on the essentials and ditch the rest.

#Smallbusters - Fairy Bra Mother Letter

It has been nearly two, TWO years that I wrote my Fairy Bra Mother letter for hourglassy, can you believe that? That means I'm blogging for soon to be three years, woooow. But some things never change, and one thing I'm still very passionate about is giving girls and women with small busts more confidence if they are in need of a boost. I know what it's like to feel miserably with your own breasts when it comes to bra fitting because they feel "wrong" and "weird" and "too small", and I wanted to give something to all those readers that might occasionally feel the same way.

brands for friends - Geheimtipp für D/A/CH


Bis vor einiger Zeit habe ich von Brands for Friends noch nicht wirklich Ahnung gehabt. Eine Studienkollegin hat mich dann einmal darauf gebracht, als sie gemeint hat: "Du machst doch was mit Unterwäsche? Auf dieser Webseite gibts ganz oft günstig Markenunterwäsche."

Sie hat mir also einen Einladungslink geschickt, und seitdem stöbere ich gerne durch die Angebote.
And lo and behold: Da sind echt Schmuckstückchen dabei - nicht nur für kleine Größen.

Blackbird Underpinnings - confidence in luxury (Kickstarter)

Blackbird Underpinnings

Ok, I MIGHT have a new crush on a lingerie line. Are you ready for confident, awesome, diverse women in lingerie? Yes? thought so.

The brand new line Blackbird Underpinnings has just launched their kickstarter this week and is now raising funds to get their first awesome line into production. And it is everything I want out of lingerie!

[Review] Nudwear: Do she got a booty? She doooo (and boobs too.)

A while ago the company Nudwear contacted me asking whether I'd be interested in reviewing one of their new strapless, backless and seamless bras. After checking out the website I decided that I HAVE to try this - a stick on bra? Does that really work? I mean... does it??

TLDR: for certain sizes and events I'm pretty sure this one does :D


Karolina Laskowska Collection

One of my favourite lingerie designers ever is British Contour Fashion Course Student Karolina Laskowska.

I own one bra by her, (you might remember my horror when they accidentally sent it to Australia) and although it's from the sample sale I am really happy with the quality and overwhelmed by the design.

I've got a sweet tooth for bondage inspired lingerie or as I call it "strappy lingerie" and she is my forever strappy lingerie queen.

[Review] BouxAvenue lingerie #denocteontour

So, in this post I'll show you some of the awesome bras and cute knickers BouxAvenue offers and how they look like on a girl with small bust and big hips.

You ready? This might take a while.

Let's start with the knickers cause there's only one pic I'm willing to share:

THE CUTE FRILLIEs: The series is called Frilly Milly Briefs and there are a LOT of colours. and they are supercomfy and soft! 


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