Krebsversorge, Frauenarzt und ein griechischer Arzt


OK, ich tippe diesen Blogpost gerade zum zweiten Mal. Beim ersten Mal ist nämlich mein Computer abgestürzt. Und ich hatte noch nicht gespeichert. Ganz toll. Ihr verzeiht mir den leicht grantigen Unterton, ja?

Heute schreibe ich mal über was ganz was anderes: den gynäkologischen Abstrich und warum das eigentlich was ziemlich cooles ist.

Back from Wien 2014 Bällebad

Oh wow people, I had the most amazing two days!

I just came home from Wien and my head is still buzzing with all the new ideas!

In the past two days I was so lucky to get to know so many awesome people, get new insights in queer feminist aspects of so many different things - and I could just be myself.

What makes me very happy is that the session about bras I held with Eva Amaryllis (@emaryllis on twitter) yesterday was so well received.
A quite large group of about more than 20 people joined and we talked about finding a wellwitting bra - and it was awesome to see that we could help!chen helfen konnten!

For example we talked about how you can compare your perfect bra wire width with the wire width of a bra you're wearing using a soft eyeliner - left me looking like this, but, FOR SCIENCE AND FEMINISM!

Pixel Panties - Indiegogo for 8-bit Lovers

Ms Pac

Well, did you miss me? I for sure missed blogging a lot! I've got so many things to tell you, but graduating from college apparently takes quite some time and resources ;)

Anyway, I'm always keeping an eye open for new stuff on the market and I absolutely fell in love with this new brand:

currently hosting an indiegogo to kickstart their collection: Pixel Panties!

This time it's not about bras at all, but glorious glorious knickers!

[Review] ParaNoire Design Lace Bralette Set

Bralet No. 1

As mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to get the chance to try on the all new Bralette Set by ParaNoire Design. (She was interviewed on BH-Lounge recently btw ;) )

I recently got the hang of wearing bralettes and/or bras without wires because I'm in a brafitting crisis. also known as: My boobs shrunk, my muscles got bigger, and I would need enourmously wide wires with very VERY shallow cups. Also results in very little of the bras I own fitting any more.

my internet hates me and OMG BRAS

just a quick psa: 
My internet hates me. yes. we have some problems to work through. As in, buy a new router and only be able to go online via mobile phone or when I am at friends' places. This leads to me not being able to blog about
ALL THE AWESOME STUFF that happened, and ye be warned, it was a lot!

What will happen here? More inside the post!

Blackbird Underpinnings - Lingerie Fashion Week February '14

Blackbird Underpinnings

Remember the Blackbird Underpinnings Kickstarter a while ago?

I was (and still am) very excited about this brand, as I wrote in my last post about them: I love the diversity and confidence and luxury!

Well, they met their goal (yay) and just attended Lingerie Fashion Week in NY with their first collection, the MAVEN collection! They were included in the "Ones to Watch" exhibit (together with NEGATIVE Underwear btw., I love how different the approach and design of these new brands is!)

The Mansplained Bra - aka the Kewi Disaster

The peak of bad PR might have been reached

While already working on an article about this company inventing a new bra because I find to be it a bit shady, I found this link and was rendered speechless. And let me tell you, this is NOT something that happens often. The whole thing is made and planned and designed by a man, which is always a bit of a cautionary tale in brafitting for me - shouldn't there be SOME people that... like... actually have DD+ boobs... be in there too? where are they?

disclaimer: since this is going to be a long rant, prepare for gifs.


[Review] Lepel: Charlotte longline bra

Last week Marielle of petite and plentiful, my new companion in all things for smaller busted girls, sent me the link to this beautiful bra by Lepel on sale at Amazon.
I already own one Lepel bra, the push up Isabella, and tried on the Fiore. Lepel does work very good on a lot of small breasts so since I absolutely adore longline bras (and didn't yet own one!) I just had to try this one!


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