[Review] Samanta bras for small busts: A335 and A345

Ariel A335

With polish company Samanta recently opening up an online shop in English (yay!) I thought it was time to show my two favourite styles for small busts, the padded deep Plunge A335 with insertable push up pads and the lightly padded Halfcup A345.
You can also buy Samanta at Dessous Avenue in Vienna.

Since I own these bras for quite a while I won't be able to give valid measurements, since they are already worn and a bit stretched out. Both are size 65D, but the Rew is already worn and got bigger all over in the last year.

My measurements when I took these pictures are:

Being sick sucks

Fluffy Flanell

Well, it's not autumn unless I am sick for at least one week and contemplating never moving out of bed. again. ever.

Which also explains my absence of all things social media and blog. But, one thing that really stood out to me during my self pity and wallowing in bed: Dress for the occasion is also a good strategy of self care when being sick.

So, today, I do a little different entry here, which is my top items to make myself feel better when I'm sick.

Kickstarter: Flimsymoon Lingerie: Nymphs and Faeries


There are a lot of kickstarters going on these days. But you really should check out this lovely girl and her idea!

Freyia Lilian - Flimsymoon

Freyia Lilian Porteous is the designer and creative director behind her brand "Flimsymoon" and is currently launching her kickstarter to produce her first range of sizes! And isn't the name really fitting? Her designs are aerial and remind me of old fairytales.

[Review] Girls Will Be Boys - Boxers in pink

GWBB Pink Booty Brief

I resort to buying men's boxers and boyshorts for those butch days, but I'm not really liking the extra fabric between my legs. Since I saw Girls Will Be Boys online I just loved to try them. Because, that's me. I'm a cis woman, but I have my days off from lacy frills and cliché feminine style. Where I rather be lounging in a pair of boxers and a tank top then pretty lace - because, why should comfy cotton briefs be reserved for cis male people only?

Podcast: Die Wahrheit - über Brüste!

All ready to record

Es gibt bekanntlich für alles ein erstes Mal, und gestern war eins dieser ersten Male für mich: Ich wurde eingeladen, mich für einen Podcast über Brüste und BHs zu unterhalten. Wo? Bei Marcus von richter.fm, der in seiner Serie "Die Wahrheit" sich mit Expert*innen auf einem Gebiet über ebenjenes unterhält - und gestern waren, ihr habts erraten, Brüste und BHs das Thema!

Die Wahrheit - Büstenhalter!

Gemeinsam mit niemand geringerem als Eva @mamsellchaos von ParaNoire Design und dem Moderatorenteam Markus @monoxyd und Teresa @cluychaz haben wir uns über BHs unterhalten. 55min sinds letztendlich geworden, und doch hatte ich das Gefühl, wir wären gerade erst warm geworden!

#morethansexy: Who Made Your Pants? needs our ideas!

Superhero changing room

As many of you know, my absolute favourite brand of knickers is the british ethical brand Who Made Your Pants?. Produced in a small workshop in Southampton, by women, for women*. Knickers that make you happy and are traveling around the world. And the best part? These pants create jobs. Jobs for women that were refugees, from a lot of countries.

But now founder Becky and her Team need our help: They are looking for ideas how to take pics of their awesome pants on people wearing them - without having sexualised lingerie pics. They already took a few  new pics for us but now it's our turn! Traditional lingerie ads are often trying to sell a hypersexualised "perfect" body (to whom? men?). Who Made Your Pants? want to change that.

DACAPO - German underwear for bigger cups


When attending the Lingerie Trade Show in Munich I saw, next to the usuals for big cups like Eveden Group, Panache and Empreinte, another brand that I didn't hear anything about before selling bras in a sizing range from A-H cup (european sizing).
The first thing I saw were the gorgeous cheeky colours of their spring-summer collection 2015, but I stayed for the perfect fit and lovely styles:


The Lingerie Games - The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

denocte plays zelda

When you play the Game of Unders you win or die, there is no middleground.

Or, in our case, you play or look nice or just do both. I vote both. Welcome to a new inter-blog-series, called "The Lingerie Games - a Game of Unders"! What started as a twitter conversation between @undertheunders, @pixelpantsplay and @undiegamer about Lingerie and Video Games will now be a series on different blogs about lingerie and gaming.
And to start it all, we all chose a video game we love and try to match nice undies to the characters or features of the game!

Trade Show Munich- Crochet look and Man's World

Huit Lingerie

On Sunday 28th of July and kinda short notice I went to the Munich Dessous and Swimwear Trade Show.

After a bit of a shock (really, Germany, your train fares are unbelievable expensive) I'm now so so happy, that I went nonetheless! It was such a great experience.
Sunday morning and off I went. (I really should "able to put on decent make-up in weird locations" on my resumée).

Together with Monika Plewa, owner of Austria's only Brafitting Store "Dessous Avenue" in Vienna and her Shop Assistant and Bra Fitter Carmen I was able to experience this Trade Show first hand.

[Review] Lost in Wonderland - Pink Hibiscus


Since I first heard from Lost in Wonderland I was genuinely crazy about that brand. The design, the models chosen, the pictures - it all is so en par with my interests.

Although I'm always trying to catch up with what's up with Lost in Wonderland and Designer Scarlett, I didn't actually own or try on any of her stuff - but that changed now!

Some weeks ago I was able to buy some knickers and a bra from last season for a discounted price, and since I just can't afford buying her lingerie at full price (although I LOVE it) I took my chance and bought the Pink Hibiscus Set.

Scarlett herself helped me choose which size and bra would work best for my shape (wide wires, shallow breasts) and we went for size M in the knickers and 32C in the softcup unpadded bra.


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