#sexypantsarestrongerthancancer - Support ParaNoire Design!

ParaNoire Support Package

As maybe all of you know, I LOVE ParaNoire Design. The little I own by her and nearly everything she makes and designs is resonating with my taste. Also, my dear Eva is one of the best people in the world, awesome, funny, fierce, beautiful, strong - and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy to fight cancer.

When she closed her Etsy Shop until further notice due to these apparent health reasons I know a lot of people were shocked and wanted to help - but how? Eva now has had an awesome idea how she will be able to come back to designing and sewing: We proudly present the surprise pants packages!

[Review] Aikyou Stella - Fierce and Comfortable

Stella Denocte Closeup

When I got the choice to test one of the pretties by Aikyou I didn't have to think twice: This German brand quickly got one of my favourites regarding clean designs in the last few months. plus, Fair Trade Cotton, produced in Germany and Croatia - yay! I wear bralets and wirefree bras a lot but somehow I never got to try them on! So I was psyched to try the new "Stella" Bralet.

Stella is available in black, sizes XS, S, M and L for 69,90€ at the Aikyou Online Shop.

love the look of clean tops that don't give away their whole charme on the first glance but save some of their design for a closer look. I have to disagree with the snippet in one thing though: Although Aikyou call it a bra, I'd rather call it a bralet or top. It doesn't sport a back clasp or adjustable straps but is worn like a crop top you just slip on - A wonderfully pretty top.

[Review] Pixel Panties in the flesh!

Pixel Panties for 8-bit butts!

So, you all remember the ultra awesome kickstarter for the wonderful Pixel Panties I already wrote about on here, right? Well, they officially launched a while ago and the designers were kind enough to send me a pair of their knickers. thank you again!

as soon as I opened the envelope I screamed because OMG awesome. That's when I thought I could do another unboxing vid because a) the packaging is amazing and b) I got a new phone with better quality and c) maybe this makes the whole blogging thing a bit easier for me again.

So, for my first impressions and excited stumbling look at this vid: Isn't the packaging amazing?

It's ok to not like yourself sometimes - or why I'm not blogging a lot

Bruno Banani

Most of you regular readers might have noticed that I'm not blogging a lot lately. This has two reasons and I want to share them with you.

Number One: New Job!

The obvious first reason is a pretty happy one: I started working my dream job in October!

This means I'm super stoked that I get to go to work every day, spend it with nice people and doing something I love PLUS get paid for that. I am very lucky to be able to do that!
It also means that I travel a lot since I have a 2hr commute to work. Yes. 2hrs every way. I can do a lot on the train, but since I don't own a tiny portable netbook - I can't blog or write on the way.

Number Two: Boobs can be stupid.

Queer Lingerie? Blue Stockings Boutique!

Jeanna Kadlec

A while ago I stumbled apon Bluestockings Boutique (@BluestockingsBo) on twitter and was beyond delighted: This is a queer lingerie boutique, with the motto "underthings for everyone". Can it be real? Am I dreaming?
This is how Jeanna Kadlec, the founder of Bluestockings Boutique, describes her vision:

I founded Bluestockings Boutique to empower people who have been marginalized by the mainstream lingerie industry and to offer them an experience that reflects their bodies, their identities, and their values. The store’s motto is “underthings for everyone,” because I believe that everyone deserves a safe, affirming experience. 

That does sound amazing. A bit more research showed that Bluestockings Boutique is just not there yet - but will be, and that very soon. An online boutique will be opening its doors in spring 2015!

Jeanna Kadlec, the founder, was kind enough to answer a lot of my nosy questions - I wanted to know so much about the behind the scenes stuff!

[Review] Rösch Pyjama - gesund schlafen

PJ London

In einem der letzten Beiträge habe ich mich ja schon als Fan von langärmligen kuscheligen Pyjamas geoutet. Ich mag es so richtig warm und kuschelig, vor allem im Winter. Idealerweise wenn mir ganz kalt ist noch Flauschesocken dazu und meine Nacht ist gerettet!

Gerne trage ich da die Pyjamas von Intimissimi, wobei die da sie sehr dick sind eher für den Winter geeignet sind. Aber für die Übergangszeit? Oder unter der dicken Decke? Da bin ich doch sehr oft dann schweißgebadet morgens aufgewacht.

Als die Firma Rösch Tester für ihre neue SchlafmodenSerie "gesund schlafen" gesucht hat, wo verschiedene Stoffkombinationen für verschiedene Schlaf- und Schwitzverhalten empfohlen werden, habe ich mich also gerne bereit erklärt, einen der Pyjamas zu testen.

[Review] Cleo by Panache Maddie in 30C

Cleo Maddie

 Back when I was wearing 30D or 30DD Cleo by Panache was my favourite brand for everyday bras. I loved the wide wires and some of their styles were a perfect fit for me and some of them were the first bras I ever wore that really fit! So, me and Cleo, bffs.

At one time I owned three different Cleo Georges (green, turquoise, buttermilk)! I loved the Juna, the Lucy, the Marcie is my favourite ever which I'm still wearing in 30D although it's a bit too big but I just can't stop wearing it. And I tried on more or less every Cleo bra I got my hands on.


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