Last Minute Lingerie - Small Business this Christmas!

In case you haven't noticed, it's not even two more weeks till christmas. That means that if you want to order lingerie as a present it's getting really close now! But fear not, for I made an awesome #giveyourmoneytowomen last minute lingerie post listing all my fav shops who offer GIFT CARDS, and most of them via e-mail so it's a super fast and thoughtful present!

Focusing on shops, brands and awesome people I know and care about I want to encourage you that, instead of giving a random piece of H&M underwear to the lingerie lover in your family or friends maybe gift them a gift card or voucher from one of these brands, led by awesome and rad women! Girl bosses run the world!

[Review] Karolina Laskowska Ania and Liliana

Karolina Laskowska Liliana Bra

It’s safe to say that Karolina Laskowska is my favourite underwear designer. Ever. In the years I followed her career it was impressive to see how she already started her business while she was still in college and built a brand and name - a force to be reckoned with! Also, from what glimpses I caught of her as a person she just really rocks. And long haired metal chicks are always something good for the world.
When she is not elbow deep in gorgeous lace or vintage kimono silk for her collections she's also seen creating beautiful bespoke pieces. In 2014 she then won the "New Designer of the Year" award of the UK Lingerie Awards, she is a regular columnist for The Lingerie Addict and blogs about lingerie, corsets, vintage underthings and more on her blog Knickerbocker Stories. And her family has quality pics of their dog which totally made my day.

There are rumours that she also sleeps and eats, but I'm not sure whether those are true ;)

I already reviewed one piece by Karolina Laskowska on my blog, many moons ago. Last time it was a sample piece bra of her pre-college era.
This time I’m proud to be able to show you one whole set and a bra, after college era, and I can say MIND BLOWN.

[Review] ParaNoire Design "Leo Leo Lace"

Leo Leo Lace Kitty

A month ago I spent a long weekend at ParaNoire Design Headquarters and today I'll review the set she made for me during my stay!
I bought the leo stretch lace a while ago and already made some small accessories for myself but I thought it would be the perfect fabric for a nice supercute underwear set, so I brought it with me on our #bracation. Together we decided what patterns to use and then Evi made a bralet and knicker set for me, adding some of her flower lace and a lace application. This set might even make it to the ParaNoire shop in a limited edition, because I gifted the remaining leo fabric to Eva - for Panty Science! 

[Brand Portrait] Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin

Have you ever bought or searched for skintone underwear, be it bras, knickers or hosiery, before? Considering you are reading my blog chances are high you have.

Here’s what comes up if you search for a bra in the colour option “nude” and size 34C (I picked a common size for high street brands) at massive online underwear retailer with a rather well picked selection of nice lingerie brands:

Results were a couple of pages long, this is a screenshot of the first and second page. Do you notice anything?

ParaNoire NIXIE - exklusiv in Berlin!


Das kleine Indie-Label ParaNoire Design ist mir ja schon seit jeher ans Herz gewachsen. Ursprünglich eher auf Mode ausgelegt entwickelte sich ParaNoire in den letzten Jahren immer mehr zur Wäschemarke, auf die eins zählen kann:

Vor allem die hübschen Bralet Wäschesets für kleinere Brüste sind mein absoluter Renner - besonders weil es sie auch in weiten Unterbrustumfängen gibt!

Bisher konnte ParaNoire Design über ihren Etsy Shop gekauft werden, aber jetzt betritt ParaNoire Neuland: zum ersten Mal kann ParaNoire Design jetzt in einem Ladengeschäft gekauft werden!

Und zwar gibt es seit 15.09.15 das Bralet und Panty Set NIXIE exklusiv bei Brafinette in Berlin zu kaufen.

I'm Back! and #refugeeswelcome

First of all: YAY! I'm back!

I've been on an unplanned hiatus for a while, due to:

  • life (living an openly poly relationship means a lot of talking to relatives about "but how does that work"),
  • work (we don't have enough people so that means I'm doing a bit more nightshifts than I planned to) and
  • politics.

[Review] Harness Glory by Esty Lingerie

Heart Harness

In the last few years I've bought stuff of tiny indie brands via Esty as well as some of Esty’s designs and it’s always been a pleasure.

When Estelle asked me to review two of her new strappy styles for the blog I was more than happy to do so. Actually I’ve been very bad, because I received the items in May - and well it’s September now.. but life happened and stuff. oops.

So, lo and behold, the Esty Lingerie Strappy loveliness masterpost review thing!


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